My Kids Best Fitness and Nutrition


How do you ensure your kids best fitness by getting them off the couch?How do you ensure your kids best nutritional health by getting them to eat vegetables when they firmly believe that a French Fry is one?

I'm a single Dad jointly raising my two daughters in a fast paced world that leaves little time for Kids to be Kids. And with the time deficit the drive through window can certainly become a familiar scene. Especially when you complicate matters with athletic activities like club volleyball or travel baseball teams. These extra curricular activities provide a great recreational outlet for the kids and helps pave the way to potential college scholarships and providing them with the best fitness possible for their bodies. But (there's always a "but" isn't there) you often have to drive a long distance for these activities which creates a strain on proper meal planning and sitting down to a home cooked meal which means a kids best nutrition gets soured with a high calorie/high fat meal.

In my quest to make sure my kids best fitness, nutrition and health stay intact while running around from all their activities and my work, I've come into a wealth of knowledge from Doctors and Coaches that I want to share. Along the way I'll point you at some great reference material to review on your own since I wouldn't want you to take me on face value alone. Some of what I'll be pointing out will likely go against what is mainstream thoughts on the concept of providing kids with the proper nutrition when it comes to supplements.

When it comes to our kids best fitness, turn off the TV and Video games. Chase your kids out of the house if you have to. At least that way you'll both get your heart rate up. I'm fortunate that my kids are able to participate in organized sports that keep them very active throughout the year. A large number of kids however sit in front of the TV playing video games for hours. This type of activity (or lack of it) is what can lead to child obesity. Sometimes the kids will figure out that this isn't the best way to spend their time. My friends son did. After a marathon day of playing a First Person War Game. He looked at the amount of time spent - 12 hours- and said enough is enough. He unplugged his game console and put It, and all his games, on Ebay. (He's obviously part of a low percentage though.)

So what am I going to Share?

I plan to cover the breakout of My Kids Best Nutrition and Fitness with -

    Kids Nutrition and its importance by specific age groups.
  • Kids Fitness for the different age groups
  • Kids Foods and their importance (In time I'll share some Kid Recipes. I hope you'll share some of your.)
  • Kids Sports Activities that you can get involved with and how much time you can expect to invest.
  • Kids Supplementation which I believe is critical today for our children whether they are highly active or not.
  • Kids Diseases - degenerative diseases are not just for adults and some even start at the age of 4.

Just as Kids are always Growing (and eating!) So will this Site.

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