5 Clever Ways to Make Child Nutrition Fun for Kids

5 Clever Ways to Make Child Nutrition Fun for Kids

For some parents, food means a nightmare time but with some clever planning food can become fun for both parents and kids – you just need to know how to create a clever balance between good foods and the less good foods your kids love so much.

Sharing some fun nutritional facts with your kids and teaching them about the importance of good healthy nutrition will pave the way for them to adopt healthy eating habits.

1. Start the Fun with Breakfast

It is no longer news that breakfast is an important meal and it has been established by some studies conducted by the American Dietetic Association that kids who enjoy breakfast are better academic performers, and behave better at school. Kids having breakfast also seems to maintain their weight better. Forget about the dull breakfast foods and serve simple whole grain cereals they like with low fat milk and let them have some whole grain toaster waffles with their favorite fruit. A simple peanut butter sandwich with jelly will also do the trick.

2. Put the Rainbow to Work

Put fun into eating fruit by putting the rainbow at work. To ensure your kids eat a variety of fruits and vegetables, make them choose a fruit and vegetable of their choice in different colors every day. Let them track the colors they have eaten on a chart and make sure they have eaten all the colors of the rainbow by the end of the week.

3. Allow Them to Skip on Milk

It is true that milk is the best source of calcium, but the stigma attached to milk may make some kids to rather avoid it. Clever parents know that kids can skip on milk and still get the required amount of calcium by replacing milk with other dairy products such as cheese and yogurt. Adding nuts, such as almonds and dried beans, shellfish, salmon, sardines, and vegetables such as broccoli will provide more than enough calcium without that glass of milk everyday.

4. Protein without Meat

Protein is important for the development of healthy muscles, however making use of alternative sources such as poultry, beans, nuts, vegetables, and some starches. A great alternative to meat protein is pasta dishes with tomato sauce, beans and some grilled cheese.

5. Fun with Snacks

Instead of just giving candy and cookies as snacks, give kids healthy ingredients to build their own snacks as part of a fun activity during snack time. Give them yogurt, fruits, and other ingredients they like. Alternatively, make some fruity snacks with lots of nuts and dried fruit that will curb the hunger until mealtime without feeding them loads of calories.

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