Child Fitness Boot Camp - What's Your Regime?

Fun with Fitness With a Child Fitness Boot Camp

Child obesity is a problem the world over and at a record high in the United States. It is also a major health problem amongst adults and clearly it is spilling over to our children.

According to some proper research by various individual and government organizations the reason for obesity in children is lower activity levels and poor eating habits or eating habits with poor nutritional value. Because of this, we as parents are actually decreasing the life expectancy of our children. Not a nice thought to live with!

All journeys start with one small step. If you want to change the life of your obese child and help him or her to take the first small step to a healthier and more active lifestyle, a fitness boot camp specifically designed for a child is the ideal fun way to do it.

These camps are especially designed for kids where they can learn valuable information and get an appropriate workout everyday in a fun way that they will enjoy. It is nothing like the traditional military boot camp where they will be shouted at and belittled. One thing is for sure that it will be hard and they will be sweating, but it is certain that they will enjoy it and return home with a huge smile.

The daily program entail that they are held responsible for attending every day. In addition they will be responsible for making sensible and healthy nutritional choices and to utilize the knowledge they learn. They will work on a gradient and follow their progress as they go along. This serves as great motivation for them. Each participant also receives a daily journal where they record their progress and it is packed with loads of fun and interesting games and facts to help them in their journey.

Individualized Attention

Normally only twenty kids per camp session is allowed to ensure that it is possible to give proper attention to each of the individual kids. The child fitness boot camps are especially for kids between the ages of seven and twelve.

Kids need to bring along an exercise mat, a bottle of water, and their running shoes. All the other equipment including healthy organic fruits, vegetables and snacks are provided.

It is extremely important to note that the aim of this program is not to serve as a punishment for the kids. It is very important that your child must want to take part in the child fitness boot camp and have fun. Living healthy and regular exercise must be projected as fun and not a punishment to be effective. 

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