Children With ADHD

How to Identify Children with ADHD

Although very controversial, Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder are not uncommon amongst children and also not amongst adults. Moreover, all children at one stage will experience a phase where they appear to be hyperactive and suffer from a lack of attention. This can make it difficult to realize when you need professional help. However if you know what the true symptoms of ADHD are, you will know when is the right time to seek help from your doctor.

The most common symptoms are:

A common trait of children with ADHD is that they are extremely busy and restless. They are always on the go, always moving or fiddling with something even if they think they behave still. You will find that they are very talkative and do so in a fast manner. They will demonstrate unacceptable behavior such as screaming, running, jumping, and out of the ordinary kind of behavior in places where it is not acceptable such as inside a shop, restaurants, or the cinema.

Lack of Attention
Most children with ADHD can not pay attention to one task at a time for more than a few moments. Smaller children will play with one toy the one moment and drop it and move on to another in a matter of minutes, creating an immeasurable mess throughout your home. In older children a significant sign is jumping through the television channels without being able to make a selection and stick to it. The point is that they get bored and loses interest in something very much quicker than the average child would.

Lack of Focus
Children with ADHD have trouble to focus on one particular activity. They find it difficult to start with one project and completing it at once. They hardly finish any project or even game they start.

Problems at School
For most parents the fist sign of ADHD is complaints from the school. The most common complaints are class disruption, not paying attention in class, do not play well with other kids, and not completing his tasks or schoolwork. It is also found that they often even forget that they actually did do work they were supposed to.

Impulsive Behavior 
Another significant trait of ADHD kids is that they tend to act without even considering the outcome or results of their actions. They are usually very impatient and do not like to wait for their turn. They also tend to be interruptive, regardless of the situation and can get extremely upset if you do not attend to them or their demands immediately. 

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