Choosing A Sport for Your Child

Particular Things to Think About when Choosing a Sport for Your Child

For many people sports are things you see on the television while for others it is just a game and then there are those who regard it as a way of life. Choosing a particular sport largely depends on the different values and priorities in our lives. Some parents love sports and to take part in it, yet this does not necessarily mean that your kids love the particular sport or sports in general too.

If you want your kids to be more active and take part in sports, you have to make sure they are interested and enjoy what they do. Knowing and understanding the likes and dislikes you child have in sports already helps a lot. A good start is to kick off with a simple team sport they like to watch or a kind of sport where he or she can play on their own.


A very important factor is to make sure that the sport is appropriate for your child’s age. The following are age appropriate indications:

Two to Four Years

Toddlers are starting to master some basic movements, yet they are way too young to take part in organized sports. During this age kids are more interested in playing free without any structure or organized rules. Best sports for them will be simple running, kicking a ball, climbing, catching a ball, dancing, riding bike, tumbling, or splashing in the water.

Five to Seven Years

At this age their attention and coordination skills have improved significantly and understand the way teams are working better. During this age kids can follow and remember instructions better. Controlled sports such as soccer, softball, baseball, t-ball, tennis, golf, swimming, martial arts, gymnastics, and track and field activities will be most suitable.

Eight Years and Older

When kids reach the age of eight years, the majority of sports, including contact sports start to become appropriate. The golden rule remain that they wear the protective clothing and protective gear that is relevant to the particular sport.

Other Options 

If you are lucky to have various options to choose from in your local area, take your child to those sports activities he or she is interested in. Attend a class or two to see if your child really likes it and still wants to do it before you make your final decision. Also ensure that he or she has the opportunity to sample team and individual sports.

Before you decide on a sport, be sure you are familiar with alternative cost such as buying additional equipment and the cost of the required equipment.

Take into consideration the physical build of your child. You can not expect a small, slender built child to take part in football where there is a lot of physical contact where the majority of the kids are twice his size.

Pay attention to the amount of physical contact that takes place when choosing a sport. For some kids a rough and physical type of sport is fun while for others it may seem to be everything but fun.

An important factor to consider is the amount of dedication and time it will require from both you and your child. If the sport is going to take up all his or her free time with no room for other activities or too many activities to pay attention to, it will not be fun anymore.

Always keep in mind that for kids to have a positive attitude towards sports and physical activity, it has to be fun. They have to enjoy it. If not, you have to search on. 

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