Grape Seed Extract - Better Than Grapes Themselves

Grape Seed Extract is known in the scientific world as a "bioflavinoid". The chemicals that make up this compound are commonly known as Antioxidants. This provides our kids bodies better capability in protecting their bodies against oxidative stress and free radical damage. Scientific studies have shown that the antioxidative strength of polyphenols can be as much as 20x that of Vitamin E and 50X that of Vitamin C.

Grape Seed helps the body fight viruses, allergens and carcinogens. This means that it aids the body as an anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic,anti-cancerous and anti-microbial activity. What I also didn't know about purple grape juice is that it has a far greater antioxidant effect than orange juice.

I became aware of this phenomenal product only about a year ago. I started taking a multi-vitamin and mineral from a company that provides the best nutritional supplements on the market today. It was recommended to me to start taking some Bi-Omega (Omega 3) and Grape Seed to reduce my allergy reactions. I have suffered from some serious hay fever that would quickly become a migraine. Unfortunately my youngest inherited this trait from me.

To my surprise my stuffy head and nose and headaches began to dissipate. I upped the dosage I was taking and have all but eliminated my allergies. During particularly bad days I may have a slight "itchy nose" or sniffels but I no longer have to lay down with an ice pack and consume large amounts of aspirin to make the pain go away. For my daughter, she has less congestion and the dark circles under her eyes are but a distant memory. The best part is there isn't that "airy" feeling that we used to get from our prescription products or high-end over the counter products.

How does it help inside the body?

Grape Seed extracts Procyanidins can help with flexibility of the joints, the health of arteries and body tissue (i.e. The Heart) and strengthens capillaries and veins to improve your circulatory system.

The importance of a healthy circulatory system is directly linked back to a healthy heart.

Grape seed can also delay the oxidation of LDL Fats or the "bad cholesterol". This makes it so the LDL is less likely to start clogging up arteries and veins.

Another benefit of this particular "waste product" from wine production appears to be a strong anti-carcinogenic and/or anti-tumor promoting agent. Scientist theorize that since the Procyanidins in grape seeds exert a strong anti-inflammatory effect, and provide anti-arthitic and anti-allergic activities along with delayed "skin aging" (by scavenging oxygen free radicals in order to inhibit the damage caused by UV Radiation from sunlight). The basis of their theory is that these processes are all linked to cancer.

What The French Have Always Known?

Resveratrol is becoming a big buzz word out in the market place these days. It is being touted as the big life pro-longing agent that the French have been consuming for years in their red wine. This chemical is found in the seed and skin of the grapes primarily. But along with the added years we can squeeze out, it also has the ability to help the brain and its processes work more efficiently.

What's the Best Way to Get the benefits of Grape Seed Extract?

Since we nor our children can sit around all day and drink up all the red wine or grape juice we want, scientist have been able to devise a high quality grape seed extract in the form of a supplement. (If you'd like to know what high quality brand I recommend let me know.) Now all you have to do is take a pill. Although after a long day with the kids, a glass of wine isn't too bad either.

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