Home Fitness Doesn't Require a Lot of "Heavy Lifting"!

Kids Fitness can be an at Home Fitness plan. Often times we think that fitness for our kids revolves around some organized sports event. There are many advantages to this because of the social development along with the physical benefits. But our kids should have some level of activity every day not just on scheduled practice days.

All in the Family

The family that walks together is just one way to incorporate physical activity into your family's daily routine. Other ways are simple chores around the house.

Make sure that your kids get some free play time. It's amazing what they'll come up with on their own. Let alone the amount of calories they'll burn. It doesn't have to be complicated. Simple things like riding a bike around the neighborhood, a game of tag, or jumping rope can provide hours of enjoyment and benefit.

Play games as a family. A game of touch football doesn't require a lot of people and can be a great time. Or just grab a basketball and play a game of one on one. There's nothing like a neighborhood softball challenge. Get with other families and make an evening of it during the summer. Get out to the park, play a game and BBQ.

When of the favorite games I used to play with my daughters was rescue the princess. The playground equipment was the tower or castle. I'd play the nefarious evil guy chasing them around the castle but then have to switch roles to the Prince to save them from going down the "slide of doom"!

Key Benefits for Our Kids

It's through these activities that our kids will learn about teamwork, sportsmanship and the value of practice. It is also the formative ground for goal setting and meeting unexpected challenges.

Home Fitness Gym

If you want to kick it up a notch then you can build a home gym. It doesn't require a lot of money these days. It can be as simple as an adjustable bench, a set of Power Blocks or Power Bands. These are extremely beneficial on the amount of space they save and they can be moved to any room or place easily.

It's also another great venue for you to workout with your kids and to teach them the proper way to execute an exercise.

Preventative Measures

Take the proper precautions to minimize and prevent injuries. Make sure your child has the appropriate protective equipment for their activity. Helmets for biking, skating or skateboarding. Don't forget knee pads and elbow pads for the latter two as well.

Make sure your child is getting a full well rounded exercise program. Too much specialization can lead to sports injuries such as stress fractures or joint injuries.

If your child has a chronic health problem please be sure to check with your doctor about their condition and their ability to participate. Your child will have a natural instinct on how far they can push themselves as well. Don't set too many limits but always pay attention.

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