Kids Boot Camps - Things to Consider

Are You Considering Boot Camp for your Kids?

Kids Boot Camps, how much controversy could there be about what to consider when getting our kids fit? PLENTY! Some have the approach or working along the theory that if you scream, treat them harsh, and enforce strict discipline you will manage to get them back on track and have them behave in the required manner. This may be a workable approach for infuriated, disobedient, hostile teenagers who are likely to become so overwhelmed by the strict military resembling environment. However, the so called one to two weeks screaming camps has no lasting effect on problematic children. In fact, it is likely that their behavior will only worsen and their hostility, anger, and resentment will only increase towards any kind of authority.

The most common problem with children and adolescents is that they find it hard to establish their role, place, and purpose in the world and environment they live in. The goal is to help them find their place in a harsh and unforgiving world and teach them how to act and behave in it. The world is not a boot camp. The objective would be to make them see that even living life is tough, with some kindness, responsibility, cooperation, and positive behavior, will make it easier to live in.

One thing we do not want our children to learn is that if you scream hard enough, and behave in the meanest manner you win. The question now is; is this not exactly what we teach and show them with a strict military style kind of boot camp?

Although there may be exceptions, the majority of troubled kids have serious underlying emotional problems that are most commonly the main cause for their behavioral problems. The problem with military style boot camps is that these problems are seldom addressed in these kinds of environments.

Troubled children and especially adolescents need definite structure, good therapy, strong guidance, and to discover in a natural way what the consequences of their actions is. For these simple reasons a conventional military boot camp will do more harm than good and therefore a setting with a sophisticated and insightful workforce will be much more beneficial than a mean, screaming drill sergeant.

Therapeutic programs that include therapy, teaching children basic survival skills, and show them what their impact on the environment is, has much more benefits and is likely to have more positive and lasting results than a conventional boot camp.

The main differences between a therapeutic program with Kids Boot Camps and the traditional military style boot camp are that the therapeutic programs teach children to have respect authority instead of instilling a fear for authority. In boot camp kids are conditioned to do as they are told but in therapeutic programs kids learn to act with self discipline. Sentiments of repression, obedience, a need for structure, and resentment that is created by boot camps is replaced with cooperation, good self esteem, responsibility, and self confidence with therapeutic programs. 

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