Prevent Kids Flu This Season with Vitamin D Supplementation

Still thinking about getting a kids flu shot?

The results are in from a clinical study of vitamin D and its effects at preventing your kids from getting the flu. This randomized, double-blind, placebo controlled study involved 334 children. One fourth of  the kids in this study were given 1200 IUs per day of vitamin D3 while the others were given a placebo, flu shot injection or an inert injection.*

Over the course of the four month study, 31 (of 167) kids from the placebo group contracted the flu. In the vitamin D group, only 18 kids came down with the flu. The net of the study was that vitamin D provided a reduction of 8% of an onset of influenza.

Traditional flu vaccines in similar studies have achieved a 1% reduction in flu symptoms.

So, if you want to provide your kids with something that is 800% more effective than a vaccine this flu season, then supplement their diets with vitamin D.

Still More Benefits

There were two more worthy mentions from this article.

For those children that were not taking any vitamin D supplements prior to the study, the reduction in the flu was even more prominent.

And those children with previous history of asthma showedimprovement as well. Of the kids taking the Vitamin D only 2 came down with an asthma attack while 12 kids in the placebo group.

Doctor's Recommendation

Most likely your doctor won't recommend you take care of your body nutritionally in order to prevent the flu. Most (i.e. all) will recommend that you get a flu shot. Now if one looks at the bottom line, they can charge for a flu shot but something like vitamin D is available from any store including my own. Drug companies can't patent vitamins.

There are some doctors that will whole heartedly recommend a preventive plan that includes proper nutrition along with a supplement plan in order to prevent your kids getting the flu. Doctors like Dr. Ray Strand and Dr. Christine Wood are physicians that recommend a solid supplement plan for preventative care with top rated nutritional supplements.

What's Your Plan?

So will you be signing up for a flu shot this season?

*The trial appears in the March, 2010 issue of the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition (Am J Clin Nutr (March 10, 2010). doi:10.3945/ajcn.2009.29094) 

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