Does your kids nutrition plan spell ABC?

Kids nutrition is more than making sure they eat an orange or drink their milk. I used to believe that I could get my kids their proper nutritional intake from eating a good diet of all the food groups outlines on the pyramid. And according to the USDA it is possible to get the RDA minimums (I'll get back to that part) from eating a properly balanced diet.

They also did a study of 29,000 individuals and found that NOT one person was getting the RDA minimums for their nutritional needs.

If your kids are like mine then they are not getting all the basics to even meet the minimum RDA standards. I know that on some levels they are getting enough to keep from getting Berri Berri, Rickets and Scurvy. But they are also athletes which takes quite the toll on their young bodies (the toll gets bigger as we get older too).

So what do Kid Athletes need to get a full spectrum of nutritional benefits when they are burning up more calories than a normal child. Who hasn't heard "I'm hungry" at all hours of the day. How about the a regular child's nutrition.

Maybe you came across this site because your thinking about having kids or will soon have some. Pregnancy or Prenatal Nutrition can help set the right course for you and your child.

Who's Got the Answers?

I am always left wondering if the medical community is doing everything it can to learn about children's nutritional health and inform us about what they know? Or are they waiting for all the research data to absolutely confirm what is appearing in the medical literature regarding nutritional supplementation and its impact on health? Doctors seem to be just as in the dark as many of us but we defer to them as being the expert. In these pages I have collected a large amount of information that these same doctors have at their disposal for your review.

The official view from the medical community remains that our diet should be adequate to fulfill our kids nutritional requirements. We've all heard that if we eat all our vegetables and some fruit that all will be well. Luckily, many of us are increasingly conscious of the link between nutrition and health, and are concerned about the safety and nutritional value of the food they eat. Scientific information is accumulating in the adult medical research about the benefits of nutritional supplementation and natural remedies to prevent and treat diseases. Before the vast amount of prescription drugs the early "healers" used roots and herbs to treat peoples' illnesses. All that we need is out there for us to live a very healthy life. We just have to find the right solution.

My kids nutrition and eating habits are certainly poor which is more the norm than the exception. I know my kids consider French Fries to be their main "vegetable". A large study of over 3000 children appeared in Pediatrics(a medical magazine) in 1997 and showed that only 1% of the children in the study met the recommendations of the Food Guide Pyramid (which doesn't correlate directly to the RDA minimums scale). The largest pattern of children met none of the recommendations for the Food Guide Pyramid and this group of children was low in vitamin B6, iron, calcium, zinc and fiber.

As parents our first order of business should be to make sure that our children are eating properly. Easier said than done. We live in a fast food, drive through world. However, as caring parents, there will be phases and stages of frustration as we try to do the best for our children. Children's nutritional supplementation can be that extra insurance to protect their cells, but it should not be used as a replacement for proper eating habits for our children. Remember they will more often do as we do and not what we say.

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