Nutrition and Physical Fitness - Did you know that Washington is trying to legislate us to be healthy?

Nutrition and Physical Fitness Policy

Did you know that Senators passed a bill in 2004 that would provide legislation for kids health, fitness, and nutrition in schools? This was to be implemented starting in August 2005.

The intent was to provide kids access to nutritious food, opportunities for physical activity along with accurate information related to these items.

I find it interesting that there is always some line of conversation about school lunches and making them more appetizing or more healthy. Then you have to counter that with keeping the cost of lunches down. I believe that low cost wins while nutritious loses out.

Opportunities for physical activity? I thought that was PE or recess? I know that its been awhile since I was a kid but I can distinctly remember going out at recess and playing kickball. Running around playing a game of tag. Other kids would be jumping rope or playing hop scotch. PE was always a bit more structured but we'd get a daily dose of some activity. Nowadays, PE programs are getting scrapped because of cost. Recess is getting filled with kids talking about their video game conquest.


Childhood obesity is creating higher risk for the development of long-term health problems for our kids. Research has shown that obesity and subsequent disease are highly preventable through proper diet/eating habits and exercise (really - we needed research?). Amazingly, kids that eat well-balanaced portioned meals and are more healthy will more likely learn more.

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Proper eating habits and exercise go hand in hand. If we continue to eat fast food and other "junk" but go to the gym daily, we'll never see the results that we desire.

So next time you stock your cabinet up with chips and other snack foods that have labels talking about having "reduced fat", "More Fiber", "with vitamins E, D ..Etc" remember what the requirements are for those labels. Reduced means that its only required to have a couple of percentage points less of fat than its regular brand. More just means more than the previous version. And any trace of a vitamin will qualify as having that vitamin.

The interesting part with vitamins is that certain types are more readily absorbable than others. The more absorbable vitamins come at a premium price so don't expect those in your favorite cereal. You'll have to find a supplement that will provide your kids a top quality, readily available and absorbable offering of vitamins and minerals.


Being properly hydrated when participating in any physical activity is key. Always consume fluids regular during heavy physical activity and drink several glasses when you've completed the activity.

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