Pregnancy Fitness Means 
a Happy Pregnancy and 
a Quicker Recovery from Labor

Why Pregnancy Fitness, I thought this site was about kids?

We all have to start somewhere. And that somewhere for all of us in the birthing process. Now there are mothers out there that make the excuse that because they're pregnant that they can eat whatever they want. After all they are eating for 2, right? So theu succumb to any and all cravings feeling justified. But they end up with a lot of extra weight that leaves them lethargic and feeling bloated.

After the baby arrives it just seems like that "baby fat" won't go away. With little time to shower and all the running around they do they start to feel some of their self-esteem go away instead.

Now, what if these same women had committed to a better eating plan that had healthier amounts and types of foods and maintained an exercise regime? Well Click Here to see what that looks like.

A Pregnant Woman's Guide to the Gym

The big question, "Can I still go to the gym?". And the answer is absolutely. As you progress through your workout you'll be making modifications to your workout and the equipment that you'll use. The great thing about the gym if one piece of equipment feels uncomfortable there is always another one to take its place.

Stay motivated and keep going to the gym. Your payoff will be minimized aches and constipation, better sleep, lower risk of depression or gestational diabetes. And your labor may even be shorter and less complicated.

Classes or Cardio?

The key is, if you were active before you got pregnant. Stay Active! If you weren't, now is a great time to start.

If you enjoy being in a group there are some great pregnancy fitness classes you can take. Make sure your instructor knows that your pregnant so they can recommend alternative movements. Or sign up for a expecting mothers class. You'll be able to bond with each other.

So What Classes

  • Yoga - great for fostering a sense of calm with its gentle movements and breathing techniques
  • Water Aerobics - fantastic third trimester workout. You can't trip or feel clumsy and there's little chance you'll over heat
  • Pilates - this may get uncomfortable after the first trimester. If you want to continue along then use an angled foam spine support. Unfortunately most gyms don't have these but a good pilates studio will.

And for Cardio...

  • Treadmill - great because you can adjust the speed and the angle of the climb
  • Elliptical - easy on the joints but may be uncomfortable for those who are experiencing symphysis pubic dysfunction (a pain in the front part of the crotch)
  • Stationary or recumbent bike - lots of women like the reclined seat on the recumbant.

Don't Resist the Weights

A great way to help minimize aches and pains is to participate in a strength training program. The machines are a great way for those new to the gym because of their controlled range of motion.

Stay clear of any machines that have a pad that will press against your stomach. It is also recommended that you not do any over head pressing movements. This may aggravate your lower back which is already being taxed.

Benefits of Exercising During Pregnancy

Feel Better

Look Better

Prepare Your Body for Your Child's Birth

Regain Your Pre-Pregnancy Body More Quickly

Plus if you continue on with a healthy fitness and nutrition plan, you'll be starting your baby off with the best example possible

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